Dancing Daughters Ministry, inc
Dancing for God, Daughters of God, Ministry serving God 
Dancing Daughters Ministry, Inc is a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides all young girls and women, including those of low-income and disabilities, the opportunity to praise God through dance and the arts. Our mission is to teach women true beauty, confidence, and the gift of being a daughter of the King, while restoring God’s holy purpose for dance. Dancing Daughters Ministry, Inc is driven to provide women the opportunity to choose to be different - to dance life different, becoming the women God called them to be. 

-Praise & Worship Dance
 DDM's mission is to teach God's original purpose for dance, using it to     glorify and praise Him. The word of God is our standard and what directs   us in the dance ministry, not the world's standard. We have integrated     many dance techniques including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical into our   dances, with our ENTIRE focus on God and how to praise Him and         minister to others through dance. 

- Choreography
Our choreography is prayed over and led by the Holy Spirit. We teach     modesty and encourage dance moves that are pleasing to God and that     glorify His name. In addition, we encourage dancers to create their own     choreography that is led by God not by flesh. 

- Costumes
Modesty is a key component of our ministry and all costumes that we       wear reflect this value. We encourage dancers to maintain modesty inside and outside the studio and teach purity as we dance for God. 

- How to dance life for God
As we dance, we are instilling the word of God into the girls in our       ministry. Through devotions and bible studies, we strive to teach the girls   in our ministry about God and His calling for our lives - To become true   worshipers and women of God that are modest, pure, and Christ-like!       Being a part of this ministry, dancers are able to grow closer to God and   create friendships with other girls within their community. 

miss hannah's testimony
My name is Hannah Calloway and I am the founder and director of Dancing Daughters Ministry. God planted a dream inside me when I was born. From as long as I could remember I have had the passion to dance. Unfortunately as a young girl my family could not afford the tuition and expenses for formal dance classes. However, this did not stop me from pursuing my deepest love, dancing. As a young girl, I would choreograph countless worship dances in my free time and perform them in the Sunday morning service at my church. In my costume, I would twirl around on God's stage, worshipping Him in dance and falling deeper in love with dancing for God. 

As I grew older, dancing continued to be my way to praise God and feel His presence. When I was fourteen, I created a dance program called "Hope and Harmony Dance," with a dream to start teaching worship dance to the younger girls in my church. After teaching only one group of girls, "Hope and Harmony Dance" came to an end. Now I see that God was not ready for me yet. I had more to learn in His private studio before stepping onto the stage that he would soon prepare for me, what has become Dancing Daughters Ministry. 

As I entered into Salem College, my opportunity to "formally" dance finally came. I started taking formal technique classes every day, was a part of the dance company every semester, and finally got my chance to be a part of a dance program. God led me to where I was at Salem becoming one the first ever to declare a Dance Studies Major at Salem College., something I thought would never be possible. But like many of us do, I underestimated the power of our God and the plans that He has for me, which are greater than I could ever dream. 

Throughout my dancing career, I realized dance can be very meaningless when performed on the wrong stage. Too often do girls perform on the world's stage yearning for attention, applause, and acceptance. I became surrounded by dancers constantly judging themselving in mirrors, wearing provocative costumes, dancing for the world's approval, and wrapped up in their self-image. I knew then what God had called me to do - To give girls the opportunity to dance life different and become dancers and women of God who are confident, modest, and worship for God's approval and praise! With the support of my family and loved ones, I began Dancing Daughters Ministry at my home church in the spring of 2014. Not knowing how registration would turn out, I put my trust in God and the passion he had nurtured within me since I was a child. With 23 dancers, ages 2 to 23, Dancing Daughters Ministry began to grow into a beautiful display of God's glory. 

Today, we are a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization with an army of over 100 mighty daughters of God who are praising and serving God! Dancing Daughters Ministry has become a beautiful dance ministry that has reached so many lives in our community. I am so thankful to God for such an amazing opportunity and for the gift of dance that he has blessed me with. I will continue to seek God's will and grow the ministry by the word of God! I ask that if you are reading this, you will consider donating and supporting the ministry, and become involved in our events and program! Without the support of sponsors and donors, we could not make this ministry possible! Together, we can reach girls in our community and impact the Kingdom of God, while restoring the beautiful gift of dance from a perverted worldy art form to the pure and holy act of worship that God intended it to be.